Visit Australia

Australia is a country that inspires the imagination and evokes images of beautiful beaches, outback landscapes, welcoming people and a laid-back outdoor lifestyle.

And that’s just the beginning of a country brimming with unique experiences and destinations.

Australia has some of the world’s most distinctive and diverse natural environments, with unique wildlife, and spectacular landscapes, including many national parks and World Heritage Areas.

In these areas, you can get up close to our native plants and animals, explore wide open spaces and discover ancient rainforests on the fringe of modern cities. You can also climb snow-capped mountains and swim in some of the most pristine water environments on earth.

With its vast distances and remote, rugged terrain, many of Australia’s journeys are ready-made adventures. You’ll be close to nature wherever you travel in Australia, which is home to 550 national parks and 15 World Heritage-listed wonders.

See what Australia has to offer

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