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A different experience on every island.

With each island in The Bahamas offering something different, your best plan is to hop on a plane or push out a boat and visit as many as time allows. Sample city living, island-style, by spending a few days in cosmopolitan Nassau with its duty-free shops, golf, museums and restaurants. If it’s romantic seclusion you’re after, lie back and relax on the pristine white sand of Long Island’s deserted beaches.

If you’re looking for adventure, experience the dive of a lifetime, exploring challenging wreck sites off the coast of San Salvador, snorkelling the clearest waters in the world or taking up the local sport of bonefishing.

The Islands of The Bahamas boast an unbeatable combination of world-class courses, stunning locations and an idyllic tropical climate that allows year-round play.

Throughout The Bahamas, there are daily classes in contemporary Pilates and traditional yoga. Several facilities also offer private, duet, and group wellness sessions indoors and on the beach. Plus, you can enjoy paddleboard Pilates and yoga in shallow water.

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