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In Barbados, the country’s mild, subtropical weather has nourished a fascinating array of flora and fauna and nurtured lush gardens that are the most varied in the world.

And to enjoy it all, one can simply take a hike along an inland trail or down a coastal pathway, laugh at the antics of a mischievous green monkey in a gully or the wildlife reserve, or just unwind in one of the numerous parks created to help sustain the island’s incredible natural beauty.

 With its year-round temperate climate and abundant tropical vistas, Barbados plays the host to many sports.

Well known throughout the Caribbean for sports tourism, Barbadians are avid sportsmen and sportswomen, who demonstrate a passion for a wide variety of activities, including horse racing, polo, water sports, road tennis, golf, track and field, and, most especially, cricket.

Barbados offers incredible health and wellness experiences. Barbados is a tranquil island and this makes it the ideal location for a wellness experience. Traditional medical procedures are available but there are also many alternative treatments.

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