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Very few countries can compete with Brazil’s vast amount of natural beauty.

The largest country in Latin America, areas like the Amazons and the Pantanal are unique in terms of the diversity and quantity of wildlife and nature. Add to that the countless number of tropical beaches, mountains, lakes and green hills.

It is nationally recognized for its diverse ecosystems, rich culture and varied possibilities, ranging from the world’s wonders of nature like the Iguassu Falls to the celebrated carnival and festivities in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife.

Brazil is a land of many attractions and activities, ranging from historical monuments and bustling city centres to dense jungles and deserted beaches. A country where people welcome the world with wide-open arms to have memorable experiences

Brazil is also a fabulous destination for adrenaline junkies seeking an escape filled with exciting adventure sports… and, of course, there’s always the football!

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