Visit Finland

Finland offers a wide range of outdoor activities for all tastes. Being a country of opposites and contrasts you can truly enjoy your stay with each of your senses. Finland is a clean and quiet country where the feeling of space, the calm of the wilderness and the bustle of the lake districts are present throughout the year.

With just a few tasty ingredients gathered from the pristine Finnish nature, you can transform yourself into a new person during your holiday. A handful of pure nature, a pinch of Finnish sauna, a spoonful of traditional treatments, wild food for serving and add light activities to taste.

Finns appreciate simplicity and honesty in all things. The same goes for the cooking. Everything starts with clean ingredients, and less is usually more.

Best of all, Finns have started to appreciate local produce and traditions more and more. Finnish modesty has taken a back seat while a healthy pride for their cuisine has emerged. Now is the time to take a gastronomic journey to Finland.

The best way to experience Finnish culture is to become a part of it. Here, you won’t just stand and watch – you’re invited to join in. Come over and find your inner Finn!

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