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Few countries can offer the variety and diversity of Italy.

Mountains, sparkling coastlines, ancient history and sumptuous cuisine. Whether you’re strolling through the great art cities of Tuscany and Umbria or admiring the rolling hills and ancient forests of Veneto with the amazing array of beautiful wildflowers, a holiday in Italy will give you a taste of a seductive way of life that will leave you wanting more.

Italy provides you with a first-hand experience of how true Italian cuisine should be. The Mediterranean diet is rich in fish, herbs and olive oil, and can be very healthy. Meanwhile, gelato, Italy’s healthier version of ice cream, is creamy and comes in all manner of flavours to enjoy.

The country offers endless and amazing opportunities for those seeking a holiday dedicated to sports and physical activity – for those who want to be in close contact with nature both summer and winter, surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and unique landscapes.

Italy also boasts the largest number of thermal spa centres in the world, with a tradition of body and soul treatments that date back thousands of years.

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