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Although Lithuania is a small country, it is distinguished by the uniqueness and versatility of nature: plains, hills, a plethora of forests, lakes and wetlands, a wavy Baltic Sea and the white dunes, and last but not least, the beautiful Curonian Spit. And most importantly – Lithuania has preserved the naturalness, unpolluted and fresh air.

Visit Lithuania at any time of the year and see a different country every time. In winter, icicles grow from the rooftops and in summer gardens are drowning in the brightest carpets of flowers. During several months the coldest winter frosts are replaced by hot rays of the sun, and trees flowering in late spring quickly change their garment into the dress of golden leaves. The gift of the natural beauty of four seasons not only delights the eye but also provides different activities.

Did you know that Lithuania is the geographical centre of Europe? It is marked near Vilnius, in the Park of Europe. Curious people not only from Europe but also from all over the world are attracted to the park to see the extraordinary, artistic works of impressive scale and interesting exhibits, some of which are even included in the Guinness Book of Records.

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