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Searching for paradise? You’ll always find it in Madagascar, where sparkling white-sand beaches are just one path to vacation bliss.

Discover lush accommodations and personalized service in a remarkable variety of locales – from tropical coastal Parks to mountain-cradled retreats to lively cityscapes. Walk along the warm sand and enjoy gentle breezes and breathtaking sunsets. Relaxation and adventure await you.

Within a few years, Diégo Suarez and its region have become one of the world’s meccas for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The Baie des Sakalava and the Mer d’émeraude are two world-class spots, which are featured on the covers of most windsurfing and kitesurfing magazines throughout the world.

You don’t have to be a professional diver to be carried away by this ecosystem which counts as one of the richest in the world! Here in Nosy Be, the seabed offers a special display, as if all the wonders of this earth had decided to meet here.

Handline, trolling or cast fishing, Nosy Be and its satellite islands constitute “sacred” spots for sports fishing. You can often practice all 3 techniques on the same day as the tide allows.

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