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Malaysia has so many interesting places and you’ll fall in love immediately, guaranteed! Lush green tea plantations in the highlands, beautiful islands with secluded resorts, impressive colonial buildings and a colourful mix of different cultures of Malays, Indians and Chinese.

White water rafting is one of the most common water sports activities in Malaysia. The rivers in Malaysia are graded according to the watercourse and the challenges faced by rafters coming here. Some are easy and are apt for beginners, whereas some are for people with good rafting experience.

If you are a golf lover, you will be spoilt for choice when you visit Malaysia, as there are many golf courses here. All the golf courses are spacious, green, have fully equipped amenities and tourist friendly features.

Malaysia makes a natural destination for a wellness break, combining sunshine and relaxing scenery with some industry-leading spas. Asia is seen by many as being the original birthplace of the spa phenomenon.

The unique cultural mix means the country is in a position to offer its visitors the best of all regional spa treatments, from Balinese to Thai and from Ayurvedic to Japanese.

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