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The most beautiful natural landscapes of the Netherlands offer a stunning flora and fauna and are moreover an oasis of calm. All you have to do is take your bike or walking shoes and your adventure in nature can begin.

For a relatively small country, the Netherlands boasts a rich variety of nature. The largest national park is De Hoge Veluwe, which is best explored on one of its thousand free-to-use white bikes. The Wadden Sea is the largest coastal tidal wetland in Europe and on the World Heritage List. You can walk across the sea floor with a guided tour.

Whether you are coming to Holland for its big cities, the nature reserves or the beaches, there is plenty to do for everyone. You can visit museums, take a bicycle ride through the countryside, go for a bracing walk. While these are all great activities, you also want to return home rested and revitalised. What better way than to plan for a day at one of Holland’s many wellness centres? Relaxing sauna, Turkish bath, a massage or beauty arrangement: Holland has it all and the choice is yours.

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