Visit Norway

If you’re hungry for food or hungry for action, Norway can help you to find what you need.

Whether you want natural highs or artistic depths, climbing up or skiing down, walking slow or running fast, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re after.

You are in Norway, so there is no reason to stay indoors, whether you’re visiting the coast, the mountains or somewhere in between. The glaciers, mountains and waterfalls are all about raw, sublime power. On the other hand, natural wonders such as the northern lights, the fjords and quiet mountain plateaus highlight Norway’s serene qualities.

Late spring in Norway: Rays of sunlight are finally showering the landscape, forcing the snow in the mountains to a silent retreat, and waking the flowers after their winter sleep. Enter the start of the hiking season. After a long winter, people of all age groups and social backgrounds head outdoors and go trekking in the mountains, along the coast, or in the forests. You are more than welcome to join us in our unashamed love affair with nature.

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