Visit Panama

Panama is world-famous for its 48-mile canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean.

Although Panama is very proud to have this magnificent creation operating 365 days a year, the country is much more than just a canal! Discover the beautiful landscapes, rich culture and endless tourist activities, right at your fingertips.

Some of these activities include rainforest tours, surfing, snorkelling, diving, hiking, camping, bird watching, white water rafting, zip-line tours, and more. In Panama City, you can enjoy world-class dining, nightlife, casinos and shopping!

Panama has fantastic, refreshing and varying landscapes to bike through. Whether you’re getting a workout or simply going on a casual tour, bike riding is a unique way to enjoy the country.

One of the many surprises Panama has in store for you is being able to go fishing in its capital city, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, ‘Panama’ in the indigenous language means ‘abundance of fish’.

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