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Much of the action in the Philippines naturally takes place in and around the water. Scuba diving is the big drawcard – this is one of the world’s best macro diving destinations. But the country is becoming equally renowned for surfing and kitesurfing, with windsurfing, rafting, kayaking and wakeboarding.

Once you’re tired of lazing on the beach or gawking at fish underwater, there’s plenty to do on terra firma. Trekking through the wilderness of the mountainous interior, climbing volcanoes and wandering through rice paddies are big drawcards. There are also wildlife encounters and adventurous pursuits, from exploring expansive cave systems to ziplines and cycling.

The Philippines boasts of its rich healing practices that are deeply rooted in the people’s long tradition of wellness. “Mabuhay” one gets to hear from everyone as a greeting to mean good health, peace, harmony and life… a practice that is part of a bigger tradition, a way of life of people who are innately warm, friendly, hospitable, and nurturing.  This tradition has lived through generations and is now unveiled as a new genre of wellness in our modern times.

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