Visit St Kitts & Nevis

In St Kitts, splash in warm, iridescent waters along pristine island shores. Dive ancient shipwrecks and virgin coral reefs. Sway to a soca beat, sipping local rum around a bonfire on the beach. You’ll share a smile with every new experience that unfolds.

There is a myriad of activities to enjoy including hiking or zip-lining through the rainforest, climbing up a dormant volcano or trying out every water sport imaginable from kayaking to diving or even learning how to sail.

Nevis is one of the most unspoilt and relaxing islands in the Caribbean. Vividly green with blue skies, clean air and long empty beaches, Nevis has a pace of life that encourages you to stop and appreciate all the natural beauty around you. It’s a very special place famed for its charm and the easy-going genuineness of its people.

Enjoy the nurturing powers of flowers, spices, and minerals. Relaxation and rejuvenation is a treat for the senses, where mind, body, and spirit meet. Be swept away into a world of perfect serenity, as stress, fatigue, and tension flee far away.

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