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If you want to know how beautiful Taiwan really is, then go see for yourself!

You will be amazed at the diversity of ancient species this beautiful and relatively young island has to offer. Come and explore its numerous mountains, forests, wetlands and oceans, and find an incredible collection of natural ecosystems.

No matter what the season, it is the right time for golf in Taiwan. This is a mountainous island, so expect a challenging game each time you tee-off with most of the golf courses built on mountain slopes or hills.

Hot springs are one of the most precious gifts that the earth has given to us. Since ancient times, people have recognized the rejuvenating and therapeutic properties of these natural resources.

Taiwan is ranked among the world’s top 15 hot spring sites, harbouring a great variety of springs, including hot springs, cold springs, mud springs, and seabed hot springs. The island can proudly regard itself as one of the regions with the highest concentration and greatest variety of hot springs in the world.

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