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Trinidad and Tobago are more than a Caribbean holiday paradise.

Both islands also have a lot to offer in the way of active holidays: biking and hiking tours in the rainforest, sailing a kayak through the mangroves, diving to the underwater reefs and much more against a stunningly beautiful natural backdrop.

Trinidad’s forests, cliffs, rivers, waterfalls and seas will get your blood pumping and pulse racing easily. You can go hiking, hashing, rappelling, surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, ziplining, rock climbing and paragliding. If you just want to experience the serenity of nature, they can take you camping, turtle-watching, horseback riding or sailing.

Throughout Trinidad and Tobago, wellness professionals scour the local markets and farms to find indigenous herbs and other local products that will bring your body and soul to life!

Choices range from lush, tropical havens; luxuriant rainforests; bird watching; and of course, spa experiences which are local in “flavour” and world-class in technique.

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