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With its fantastic coastline, 1,250 kilometres of fine sandy beaches and its string of idyllic islands, Tunisia is one of the best-known Mediterranean destinations for seaside holidays.

Less well known are some of Tunisia’s romantic beaches, well-kept secrets off the beaten path, studded with unusually shaped rocks, or lined with palm trees and golden sand dunes.

The variety of landscapes, forests and mountains in the north and the Sahara desert are fantastic locations for some amazing walks, horse rides and motorbike adventures. Tunisia’s marine life is exceptional, and there are diving centres in most resorts

Tunisia is a fantastic destination when it comes to wellbeing. The country is renowned for its hospitality, with its Mediterranean climate and the sweet smell of jasmine and orange blossom, and wellbeing has deep roots in Tunisia’s traditions. Water has always been a source of natural beauty and health, from Roman thermal baths to Turkish hammams. Tunisia is now the second biggest country in the world when it comes to thalassotherapy, boasting some sixty dedicated centres along its coastline.

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